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Art+Logic Harnesses Technical Excellence, Design Elegance to Tackle Software and Hardware ‘Impossibles’

Art+Logic has been cultivating the creativity and skill required to navigate challenging software and hardware development projects for nearly 30 years. An all-remote team of North America-based developers and designers, the firm has worked with many household names, including Apple, Google, Trader Joe’s, and NASA, and with highly specialized companies doing everything from monitoring pipeline safety to assessing health risks.

Depending on whom you talk with at Art+Logic, the team might be working to use neural networks and machine learning to tag the mood of particular musical instruments, or they may be tackling a thorny testing issue that uses IoT to do away with destructive or manual testing on infrastructure.

They have developed apps with clients that empower physically challenged theater lovers to see more plays, and they contribute major tools and insights to audio technology standards that guide entire industries.

Art+Logic tackles these challenges by zigging where many other development companies have zagged. While others have specialized and narrowed their skill sets, Art+Logic remains committed to a language-agnostic approach that doesn’t limit itself to specific industries or device types. Instead, it focuses on coding the “impossible,” the projects and ideas others may shy away from.

Client needs and challenges come first, a perspective demanding great flexibility and curiosity. “We have learned that to serve our clients best, we need to apply the same flexible problem-solving approach we use in development to our relationships,” explains Paul Hershenson, Art+Logic’s Co-Founder. “We treat each client engagement as a unique puzzle to solve. We often act as consultants to early-stage entrepreneurs helping prepare them for a successful development effort, and then develop MVPs that can be smoothly handed off to in-house teams for ongoing development. In some cases, we act as long-term development partners on large, multiyear efforts. It’s never one size fits all. We respond to what our clients need.”

This ethos inspires intriguing projects within the company, designed to make the most of its broad skills and open mindset, such as its Innovation Network of specialist consultants (when you need a lean interface or better signal processing) and its Incubator Lab, which gives tens of thousands of dollars in development and design services to winning ideas.

The blend of nimble technical imagination, artful design, and thoughtful business relationships have made Art+Logic a secret weapon for dozens of high-profile and industry-leading companies. “It’s a challenge to talk about our successes when we do so much work that requires our participation to be kept under wraps,” explains Art+Logic’s president Bob Bajoras. “Fortunately, when we sit down with a lead and develop that relationship into a project, our talented designers and developers are very effective at demonstrating our unique combination of skills, passion, and insistence on ‘doing the hard stuff.’ We’re a quirky bunch, and sometimes that’s what a tough project needs. Designers and developers like ours are a rare breed.”