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Non-Destructive Testing With Art+Logic’s Bob Bajoras

Bob Bajoras from Art+Logic has noticed something interesting often happens when clients first layout a problem they hope the software team can solve:

“They’ll present the problem in the form of the solution,” he notes. “We then get to ask, ‘Why do you want to do that? What’s the problem you want to solve?’ What they’re suggesting will work, but with our understanding of what can be done with software, we often realize we could do more than just that. This leads us to a solution that does more than expected.”

The recent news that Amazon, Apple, and Google are working together to create a new standard for smart home communication is a rare display of unity amongst the giants of our interconnected worlds. But will their work be successful? Is this the right time for this? Why now?

These are just a few topics that we discuss on today’s podcast. Bob Bajoras, President of Art+Logic, an innovative software development firm for over 25 years, who have worked with Google and Apple in the past, has some thoughts on the plans.

Because none of these companies have dominated the smart home field yet, Bajoras sees this plan as a truce more than a standard. Bajoras’ and Art+Logic’s extensive experience in designing for all things IoT make them thought leaders on this subject.

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Art+Logic is a software development firm that designs, develops, and delivers high-level tech solutions for their clients. The company specializes in mobile apps, web software, desktop software, IoT, and has recently branched into product development where they are putting their software expertise to use contributing to the evolution of new hardware.

Since 1991, Art+Logic has built a strong reputation solving tough technical problems that other firms couldn’t, relying exclusively on their talented team of dispersed North American engineers, designers, and developers to get the job done. They pioneered remote work, allowing them to bring on the best talent possible regardless of their location.

Their design team is on the cutting edge of human-centered computing, focusing on building beautiful user interfaces and seamless experiences. The Art+Logic development team ensures that their clients benefit from the most effective, efficient, and reliable technologies for their projects.