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Creativity And Age, AI In The Studio, And MIDI 2.0 With Brett Porter

Brett Porter is one of the lead engineers in the development of the MIDI 2.0 spec. Brett has a big background in electronic music, but he’s also developed software products for the pro audio, broadcast, and musical instrument industries as part of the Art+Logic development team.

Musicians have been connecting electronic music gear together using MIDI since 1983, and but it hasn’t been updated since then. The new MIDI 2.0 spec brings everything into the 21st century, making MIDI faster and more expressive, but also adding new concepts and acronyms that we’ll all need to learn.

As a member of the group that developed MIDI 2.0, Brett is one of the first people to start building MIDI 2.0 software. As a composer who’s used MIDI since the 80s, Brett is also well-suited to show musicians what they’ll need to know about it as new gear starts entering the market.

During the interview we spoke about how Brett got into coding, why it took 35 years to get to MIDI 2.0, the advantages of MIDI 2.0, a look at future MI technologies, and much more.

On the intro I’ll take a look at if creativity declines with age, and how artificial intelligence might someday make our studio creativity better.