Press Clipping
Art+Logic Launches Vibrary, An Open-Source AI Tool For Audio Pros

ART+LOGIC is unveiling VIBRARY, the first project to come out of the software development firm’s incubator lab. VIBRARY uses machine learning to analyze short samples and loops.

It's designed to make it easy for producers, composers, and musicians to train their own models and classify sounds by sound, genre, feel or other characteristics, defined by users’ needs and preferences.

The open-source AI tool features a helpful interface to make training algorithms accessible to anyone with a computer, internet connection, and a massive sound library.

Physics Professor at BELMONT UNIVERSITY, DR. SCOTT HAWLEY, is a collaborator on the project and explains, “Much of the technology involved is straightforward, but what is unique about us is that we built a user-friendly utility that lets people train their own AI.”

More on VIBRARY can be found here.