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Covitech Launches Return-To-Work Platform to Test, Inform, and Protect Employees at Small and Midsize Businesses

Software developers at Art+Logic and health care experts at Hudson Scientific, along with several veteran tech advisors and entrepreneurs, are launching Covitech, an end-to-end platform designed to empower small and midsize businesses to implement effective coronavirus response programs that ensure workplace safety and peace of mind. Covitech allows these companies to leverage collective purchasing power to access software, screening tools, and containment products that would otherwise remain out of reach.

“The COVID-19 crisis has revealed many inefficiencies in an employer’s ability to address public health and information needs. The complex decisions required to run a successful business are nearly impossible to make alone.” says Matthew Walk, PharmD, Hudson’s Marketing Director and Co-Founder of Covitech. “The need for digital infrastructure to support these problems is clear. Technology that ensures departments are properly following the constantly changing protocols of the CDC, FDA, state, or local government will address this operations nightmare. It also helps the public to feel safe.”

Beginning with its return-to-work platform, Covitech aims to solve the technological and logistical problems plaguing a range of companies and communities. “The technological basis, what helps us optimize distribution, maintain trust, and equalize access to resources, is what we’re building here.” notes tech entrepreneur and advisor Arabian Prince, one of Covitech’s co-founders. “We want to bring better safety measures and appropriate responses to underserved and overlooked communities and businesses at a time when they desperately need a solution to this challenge.”

Without access to large-scale purchasing power, this need is felt by smaller companies particularly intensely. That’s why Covitech has developed compliant, cloud-based and mobile-app suites that are fully customizable for small and midsize businesses. This creates a more effective way to screen, inform, and protect employees and customers from further spread of COVID-19, all while complying with applicable laws and maintaining employee privacy. A collaborative effort between software developers with keen sensitivity to UI design and trustworthy code, and experts in medical testing and healthcare-related supply chains, Covitech offers solid digital infrastructure that balances workers’ wellbeing, employers’ goals, and recommended healthcare requirements.

The first step is applying Covitech’s detailed protocol for workplace screening, supported by ongoing comprehensive COVID-19 testing resources, which can be arranged on site via a third party. The results are then reported via Covitech’s easy-to-understand platform, which only allows authorized parties to view identifiable information, while notifying employees with positive results via a mobile app and advising them on next steps for them and their families. Finally, Covitech provides sources of personal protective equipment, surface and hand disinfection, and containment solutions. This comprehensive approach stands in contrast to the uncertainty many business leaders are facing.

“Every business is different. The various protocols and directives that agencies and experts have shared with business owners make execution, communication, and planning more complicated,” explains Paul Hershenson of Art+Logic and Co-Founder of Covitech. “We’re working with businesses to implement the best fit for their particular needs and the needs of their employees and customers.”