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Covitech Announces the Release of HealthQ for

Employers are piecing together one of the toughest puzzles they have faced in a generation: How to safely get employees back to work in the middle of an ongoing pandemic. HealthQ by Covitech was designed to make this process easier without invasive data gathering.

A simple and secure app for smartphones, tablets, and desktops, HealthQ allows employees to self-screen and report any potentially troubling symptoms before they leave home. After giving consent for HealthQ to gather the necessary data, the app walks employees through a set of straightforward questions to guide better decision making about when to come in and when to stay home. These include temperature checks, symptom lists, and other pertinent information about the employee’s wellbeing.

“The CDC has strongly recommended employers conduct daily health checks, but putting a system like this in place on your own is harder than it seems,” explains Covitech co-founder Paul Hershenson. “We’ve created software that allows workers to check in at home, before they expose any of their colleagues or customers, in a way that protects their privacy.”