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Art+Logic is a software development firm that designs, develops, and delivers high-level tech solutions for their clients. The company  specializes in mobile apps, web software, desktop software, IoT, and has recently branched into product development where they are putting their software expertise to use contributing to the evolution of new ...

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Kai McGinnis

Covitech Launches PPE Collective, a Platform for Group Protective Equipment Purchases

Sourcing, vetting, and acquiring protective equipment at a reasonable cost has proved daunting for many small and midsize organizations. As businesses and nonprofits work to reopen safely, Covitech, the new startup designed to support companies coping with COVID-19, can help. Covitech is launching the PPE Collective, an initiative designed to get quality equipment, such as masks, gloves, sanitizers, and disinfectants, at a very fair price through the power of collective purchasing.

“Small businesses and organizations are facing an uphill battle in a chaotic, often shady market for essential items like gloves and masks,” says Covitech co-founder Arabian Prince. “You don’t really know what you’re getting, who’s providing it, and what the final cost will be. If you’re not a huge company, you can’t afford to buy a million pairs of gloves at once, but that’s the only way in current circumstances to get enough supplies at a reasonable price.”

Covitech’s PPE Collective shifts the balance in smaller organizations’ favor. Small and midsize businesses and organizations in need of PPE can go to the site, join a collective purchase offering, and know they are getting what they paid for. Covitech works to vet suppliers, ensure orders are met, fulfill the purchases, and then send the PPE to purchasers. The result is prices 30-40% lower than retail from reliable sources.

“Covitech’s team combines tech expertise with extensive experience in managing the supply chain for medical necessities,” explains Paul Hershendon, co-founder of Covitech and founder of software development house Art+Logic, whose team developed the PPE Collective software platform while relying on the medical development team at Hudson Scientific to handle product and vendor vetting. “Those two knowledge areas together allow us to tackle this problem.”

“Ensuring quality has also been a difficult task for small businesses overwhelmed by loss of revenue, the red tape of government and bank applications for loans, and keeping on top of the ever changing CDC and FDA recommendations,” notes Matthew Walk, Pharm D and Hudson Scientic Marketing Director and co-founder of Covitech. “Hudson Scientific’s experience as a medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturer, and FDA importer of overseas products, provides valuable quality assurance and bypasses the inexperienced middle men or price gouging occuring in the PPE supply chain.”

“People need to get back to work, but they also need to be safe,” Arabian Prince emphasizes. “The craziness of the marketplace for PPE shouldn’t be a barrier to workers’ safety. And companies facing a clear economic challenge and struggling to reopen should have a clear, affordable way to protect them.”


About Covitech

Driven by a partnership between Art+Logic and Hudson Scientific, Covitech offers back-to-work solutions to small and midsize businesses by combining compliant software, screening, and containment to keep employees safe. It harnesses the power of collective purchasing of PPE, medical supplies, regulatory consulting, and software to make vital resources accessible to businesses managing their operations in a time of public health complexity. For more information, contact